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Where is Titanic these things you don't know about titanic

Titanic picture
Today's blog is about the Titanic ship, 75 years after its sinking, it was not known where the Titanic ship has sunk. Today, 45 years after its founding, it could not be removed from the sea. We are not going to talk about the accident but, we will try to answer some questions related to the Titanic ship that is always asked.
Everybody knows about the accident that happened with a Royal Mail Steamer Titanic called Unsinkable, the Hollywood film based on titanic has been praised all over the world. If you have not yet seen this Oscar Winner film, then you must see, well in 1911 Titanic After drowning in the sea, there was a lot of effort to find it, but these missions failed one after another similarly 43 years passed, and again in the year 1975 "Robert Ballard", the Sonographer, Archaeologist and American Navy Officer, finally discovered Titanic, the Titanic debris was found 400 km southeast off the coast of Newfoundland, this discovery of Titanic left many questions from the womb of history. This ship was broken in two parts at a depth of 4 kilometers in the sea, an official report says it was intact when it was submerged, then how did this ship break into two parts in the sea.
According to the New Evidence documentary, Titanic was submerged not because of a collision with the ship but because of a fire in the ship, when the ship was found, the wreckage was meta meteorological vessel gems and rare wine on the ship. Taken but The ship was not removed, its wreck is still not fully recovered. But the story of the Titanic mysteries would have been uncovered if the Titanic had come out and researched if we had learned more about the Titanic and the accident, but the Titanic was not removed, and the mystery of the most mysterious accident of this century is still a mystery. It is made up After all, despite all the efforts and latest technology, the Titanic could still be out of the water. Is Titanic not being intentionally removed?

Trying to get Titanic

When the Titanic was discovered in 1975, its condition was not like a ship was not the same. Look at the old picture of the Titanic in the sea, on the name of the ship, it is nothing more than a shabby structure. It was not right to get it out through cable or traditional methods.
In such a situation, the first suggestion was that Titanic should be taken out of the sea with the help of submarines and magnets, but there were some hurdles in front of this project.
titanic underwater image - 1
The first was the weight of the Titanic which was 1.43 million tones and, the water pressure which would increase its weight many times, the Titanic is 3750 meters below the water, the water pressure below the water is very high, It will need a force of about 392 km to cover just 1 square meter, then neither there were so many powerful magnets nor so many weight-bearing submarines. Scientists had no concrete plans to get the Titanic out until the 21st century. A legend Soviet shipbuilder "Mikhail Radinsky" described the Titanic as an option to get out, Mikhail was known for designing the very best Submarine, According to him, Titanic dirt must be cleared first to get out, after cleaning the ship Titanic will be attached to the Pontoon boat with the help of heavy-duty cables. and all the work will be done by machines. But it was put on hold until the equipment and proper budget were raised, many proposals were made to recover the Titanic for many years, but either due to lack of budget or technical challenges, any plan was not successful.

Why Titanic is not being recovered

titanic underwater image - 2 
 Any company takes a hand in such a big project only when it has some benefit, how will it come out of Titanic before anyone will raise the question, why should it be removed? All the valuables that were on this ship have been removed. Think yourself, if someone spent billions of dollars and got it out, will he ever be able to recover his money? Even if Titanic is made a museum and it will take several years for the return of investment, no one would want to take such a big risk. It has been more than 100 years since the Titanic was submerged and the bacteria present in the sea is eating this ship slowly, it is also being estimated that these Hungarian bacteria will completely disappear this ship by the year 2030, not only Many sea creatures have made it their nest. UNESCO also declared the ship a protected site of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the year 2001.
If we talk about the present, a new ship can be bought at the cost it will cost to get the Titanic out.


The Titanic could not be recovered yet, and may not have even come out and the reason is
  • Titanic is in such a bad state that if it is teased at all, it will disintegrate like dust.
  • The ship is much deeper, where it is difficult to operate.
  • What we will do of it?
That is why it can be said that Titanic will never be recovered, more than 40 years have elapsed since its discovery, in this case, scientists did not feel that Titanic has more time left.
Even though its name and mark do not remain, but the story and mystery of the Titanic will keep the attention of the generations to come.

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