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oneplus 7t problems second one is worst

let's talk about one plus 7t  problems let's start off with the storage

No expandable storage.  

This is nothing that's very new for one. gonna sound like nitpicking but it's still something that people do, even with flagships today and the kinds of trends that presented. The first thing now expandable storage. This is nothing that's very new for one plus. And the base model still comes with 120 gigabytes of onboard storage which is honestly more than enough for most but not for all.

No Headphone jack

The other thing that we've kind of gotten used to and we've seen in previous one plus devices is the lack of a headphone jack. So even with those things 

the fact that you have such great performance in a clean house like this that is optimized for high performance, and you have this at a really affordable price. This might actually be the most important gaming phone, the most affordable, accessible gaming and mobile gaming is starting to really ramp up right now with releases call of duty.


One plus camera
The next little complaint and I do say it's kind of little and that has to do with the cameras, little doesn't mean it's insignificant though because of the cameras on the one plus 7t are quite similar to the ones on the one plus 7Pro. which is a decent performer, it does a good job of adding detail in the dark areas of the scene, but it doesn't quite compare to some other flagships. My main gripe with this camera package is that the telephoto lens doesn't seem to really add to the experience  After all when doing the portrait mode and using the 2X optical zoom with the portrait mode it couldn't really get a very sharp photo. We had to go to the main lens for that and obviously it was so much that, not to mention the fact that the telephoto lens can be used in many of the other modes that I've just talked about. And then the front-facing camera while fairly decent in terms of photos, cannot record higher than 1080P resolution. Ultimately the cameras are just fine, and you will be able to capture those memories because it's the camera you have in your pocket, it'll do a decent job of that, especially with the main sensor, but it doesn't really excel in the other areas including those extra lenses and those extra marks. 

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