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what is difference between OLED LED and LCD, and why this is best

From the beginning till now, television has traveled from Black and White to Color, LCD, LED and OLED TV. Talking about screen technology, currently, OLED, LED and LCD screens are in trend. Due to different types of specifications, technology is being offered on TVs today, buying a new TV has become a difficult decision. A slight difference in the world of TV technology also makes a big difference in price and it also has an impact on performance. Talking LCD, OLED and LED. 
There is only one letter difference between OLED and LED, but both the technologies are completely different from each other.
types of screen
types of screen

  • What is OLED TV
  • How is it better than LED

Let us answer all these questions today.

What is OLED TV?

Surely you must have heard about OLED TV and also know that this type of TV is now dominating all over the world. But, what OLED TV really is? and how OLED is different from previous technology TVs?

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a display technology. It is a technology in which, a carbon-based film is placed between two conductors. The conductor releases current and it emits light from the film.
oled screen
OLED pixels
The most important in this technology is that the light comes out from pixel-by-pixel individually so that any color pixels can pass near that black or completely different color and no color is affected by it. This brings contrast to a different level of excellence, which is much higher than the level of other existing TV technology. No other display technology can match this level of clarity.


The OLED TVs do not depend on thickness backing. OLED TVs are thinner and lighter than other types of televisions. Viewing angles are also perfect and response time is very fast as compared to other technologies. OLED TV has never faced an image retention problem.

Talking about the price, the price of OLED TVs, their prices have come down in the last few years and still falling. But they are still more expensive than other TVs. OLED TVs still costs more than Rs 50,000.

What is an LED TV?

Manufacturers have been selling LED TVs for many years till now. But technically LED is not a display technology. Confuse? Learn here…
led panel
LED panel
The LEDs of LED TVsactually provide backlighting for the LCD panel. So LED TV is actually an LCD TV. As manufacturers began to distance themselves from the CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights and introduced a LED backlighting, they began false marketing strongly. The manufacturers were able to convince everyone that they needed to upgrade their current TVs to LED TVs. While both panels were actually the same. But just because marketing was misleading, it does not mean that this technology is useless. Compared to the old CCFL backlight, the LED backlights are much brighter, better contrast, lower power consumption, and less thickness and lighter weight TV.

LED backlights are of two types: 
  • Edge: An edge LED backlight has LEDs running around the edges of the screen
  • Direct: A direct LED backlights are present behind the LCD and light shine directly through it.

In the above two, a direct LED backlight provides brighter and better contrast over the edge led.

What is LCD TV?

Now that you have understood that LED TV and LCD TV is the same. You can understand that LCD TV technology has been the leading point in sales and LCD TV has held the market for almost more than a decade.
LCD tv

The LCD (liquid-crystal display) TV, which came with a plasma to replace large CRT TVs, has a panel of liquid crystals through which light display from a backlight. These backlights initially used CCFLs technology but now they are always made from LEDs. Compared to previous generations, LCD TVs were lighter, thinner, brighter, more colorful and cheaper to make but thicker and heavier than OLED panels.

These days some very good LCD TVs are in the market and their price and performance are also good according to their price. But it cannot be denied that Oled is much better of all technologies. One day Oled will also be available at an affordable price, on that day maybe something else (MicroLED) may replace Oled TVs.

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